Sometimes you need to have all your equipment handy and on wheels. We can make that happen in relatively short order.


TSS offers a complete design service based on analysis of your particular needs, including carts and trailers for confined space, spill control, rescue and equipment kits for industrial hygienists, safety engineers, and loss prevention. All carts and kits are produced to exacting specifications, using the finest quality materials and equipment.

DuPont has simplified its product identification system by replacing original product names with an easy-to-follow numeric system. The higher the number, the higher the level of protection. All garment patches are now in the shape of a stop sign, with each brand designated by its own unique color. ProShield® is gray, Tyvek® is blue and Tychem® is orange. Although the naming system has changed, the quality and construction of its garments have not.

A few months ago, we received a call from a customer who needed to monitor dust and noise at a large construction site that abutted a residential area. It’s an application that is gaining momentum as city footprints continue to shrink and as existing infrastructure is upgraded or removed and replaced.

According  to the initial conversation that Lab Supervisor Dale Taylor had with the customer, “he wanted to mount a TSI DustTrak and a 3M SoundPro to a wall.” The customer was also expecting to manually monitor and record the data 24 hours a day.