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Custom Carts and Kits

TSS offers a complete design service based on analysis of your particular needs, including carts and trailers for confined space, spill control, rescue and equipment kits for industrial hygienists, safety engineers, and loss prevention. All carts and kits are produced to exacting specifications, using the finest quality materials and equipment.


Though often our kits are one-of-a-kind, they often include these common features:

 •   16-gage steel box (assembled to order for specific uses)
 •   Lockable cabinets with hinged cover
 •   Cabinet with double doors
 •   Retainer top shelf with lip for storage
 •   Folding steel barricade, safety yellow with reflective stripes
 •   Brackets for tripod storage, barricade and other specialized safety equipment
 •   Storage compartments for a wide variety of equipment and uses
 •   Matting on all horizontal surfaces to reduce damage and noise
 •   Painted red with 3” white (i.e. “CONFINED SPACE EQUIPMENT”) decal
 •   Wagon tongue has both towing ring and a “T” handle for maneuvering;
      locks in the upright position


We can design brackets to accommodate a fork lift, brakes that prevent inadvertent rolling and drawers to store items like cords, carbineers, pulleys, and tools. The drawers have a lock-in/lock-out feature keeping them either completely closed or completely open to prevent inadvertent opening or closing during transportation or when parked on an incline.

Cabinets have roll-out trays (rather than fixed shelves) to facilitate access to stored materials such as rope bags, helmets, and rescue gear; more ergonomically correct since a person won’t have to bend over to see into the back of the cabinet or reach and twist to lift equipment.