We aim to provide the very best in customer service, product quality and value to every single customer we encounter.

Technical Solutions & Services, Inc., helps our customers protect people, communities and the environment from natural and man-made hazards while creating value for our colleagues, partners and investors. We align companies to better serve you. We provide a broad range of products and support to address your industrial hygiene, respiratory, sampling, monitoring, confined space and lone-worker safety applications. We are committed to building partnerships with our clients and promoting the wellness of your people. We are a band of companies aligned to expand our capabilities and services for all our customers.

The marketplace is certaintly not decreasing its expectations and demands on companies like our own. We have to continually improve to rise, meet and exceed them, and we do that best when we generate genuine partnerships with our customers so they can increase their competitiveness. One of our greatest competitive differentiators is our flexibility--in our products, solutions and even in purchasing options from system contracts to online stores--all designed to help you provide your customers and employees the safest possible workplace and to help us be your best supplier of the products, service and support you need.