Argus-Hazco is pleased to announce that it has acquired Midwest Gas Instrument Service, Inc., a leading seller and repair center of gas-detection equipment since 1992.

“As a respected and admired competitor for years, we knew that Midwest Gas was a solid and reputable organization,” said Larry Smith, President of Argus-Hazco. “We are thrilled to work together. With our combined experience in both the sales and service of gas-detection equipment, it will allow for a seamless and transparent transition for our customers.”

" Wearing the right suit for the occasion can earn compliments in a social setting and enhance  safety in the workplace. DuPont™ would never presume to recommend after-work attire, but it will without hesitation inform customers which protective garment is often required ‚Äčon the job.  One of the key considerations when selecting the right garment for the job is permeation data, especially in applications that require protection from toxic chemicals.

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